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Hey Gilbert.  Just wanted to wish you and your family a merry Christmas, Our pup is just the nicest calmest dog, We love him so much.  Thanks, Louise. 

 Barriere Lake. B.C

Dax.  He's amazing! so smart and such a good boy. Everyone is always amazed at how smart he is for only being 1 year old.  Kristen.  Winnipeg M.B.

Bailey is doing great. She is perfect and very spoiled! Bailey has fit in wonderfully with the family and she was easy to train and very smart.  The best money spent!!!

Lynda.  Notre Dame. MB.

Oliver has grown into a very beautiful dog. We get compliments on the color everytime we go out in public!   Alisha.  Winnipeg M.B.

Oakley has been a great addition to our family. He is an extremely intelligent and gentle puppy. He loves to be with us everywhere we go even on car rides. At 6 months his waterfowl training is excellent, he will be a great hunting dog. He is very "birdy" but his on off switch when he comes into the house is perfect. He loves to be with the kids and sleeps on their beds. We are very pleased with Oakley and are excited to have him in our family. The Eccles,  West St Paul, MB.

We got Baylee from Oak Hammock Labs in 2014. She is a great family dog and was very easy to train. She fits right in with our family. She has a great recall and never leaves our side. She is very attached to the kids and I. So great full for Oak Hammock Labs for completing our family. Losing a family pet is never easy but Baylee made the transition a lot easier.    Vickey.  Red Lake ON. 

Hi Gilbert.  Tucker is doing great! He is now almost 18 months old and has completed obedience class... he caught on really quick and is just so smart (and good looking)! Tucker loves to travel and is good in the truck as soon as he hears the car keys... he is ready to go! He goes everywhere with us. Tucker especially enjoys the lake where he loves to swim, dive off the dock and play Frisbee! He is great with the children and is incredibly patient with all of them, and as you can see, he will even let them nap on his bed with him! Thank you for an incredible dog! He is truly a big part of our family and we couldn't be more pleased.  Patti.  Narol.  M.B. 

Little Irish Lady.  We're just starting to do her formal obedience but she has lots of drive and should turn out nice. Pretty sharp and bright and pretty calm in the house.  A. Campbell,  P.E.I 

Honey is so smart and has settled in nicely, She is so amazing and smart and has made our family so happy. She is calm and attentive and eager to please.  Sara.  Beausejour M.B.

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